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Toynary MT01 SM手扣 Toynary MT01 SM手扣

Toynary MT01手銬是由柔軟的墊,他們是柔軟舒適。袖口可調節,穿脫方便魔力帶設計。

– 手銬是由柔軟的墊
– 柔軟舒適
– 使用方便
– 魔術貼設計
– 袖口可以容易地調整
– 非常適合情侶
– 完美的前戲
– 耐水洗


Toynary MT01 Handcuffs

Toynary MT01 Handcuffs are made of soft pad, they are soft and comfortable. The cuffs can be adjusted, put on and off easily with its magic tape design. Also washable.

– handcuffs are made of soft pad
– soft and comfortable
– easy to use
– magic tape design
– cuffs can be adjusted easily
– ideal for couples
– perfect for foreplay
– washable

Made in China

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