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Hot V-Activ 女用刺激噴劑 Hot V-Activ 女用刺激噴劑




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Hot V-Activ Stimulation Spray For Women

V-ACTIV Stimulation Spray for women is a top quality care spray for special

erotic pleasure. It can have a stimulating and erotic effect. Just a few pumps

to completely cover the outer labia and clitoris (clit) with a fine mist. It’s not for

the faint hearted. The advantage of the spray is the easy hygienic use and

rapid application.

V-ACTIV Stimulation Spray is a spray for women that is specially designed to

have a revitalizing effect and promote blood circulation in the genital area.

Enhance your sense of pleasure!

Contains essential active substances which promote clitoral sensitivity.

Hot V-Activ 男用增大持久噴劑 Hot V-Activ 男用增大持久噴劑

V-ACTIV是一種高品質的噴劑,可提高血液流向陰莖,令你更大更容易勃起!使用親膚性和天然成份,V-ACTIV可以給你每一次淫蕩充滿激情的經驗。 Read More

Rends Filly 誘惑固體香水(男女兩款) Rends Filly 誘惑固體香水(男女兩款)

Rends Filly 誘惑固體香水,分為兩種, 男用是有神秘感的紫色, 女用是可愛的粉紅色,

呢款產品為固體的香水, 香氣持續的時間長, 在身體上用不容易被蒸發, 令你無時無刻都散發著迷人的香氣吸引異性 Read More


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