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Fun Factory JAM 吉姆精靈騎士迷你震棒

德國品牌Fun Factory旗下熱賣款式JAM 吉姆精靈騎士,小巧精緻,甚至可放進你的口袋;簡易操作非常適合初級玩家! JAM – 小而威武!


尋找在預算價格內又高品質?這個小傢伙。讓你享受不同的力度和而投降的那一刻你會忘記所有的煩惱。 JAM是一個電池供電的小型震棒,像其較大的JAZZIE和JOUPIE,它是由醫用級矽膠,防水,並配備了強大的品質“德國製造”。在內部使用,JAM像一個典型的振震器具有靈活而稍彎曲尖端定位G點和快樂的陰蒂。當在手掌保持,它可被用作一個帶進氛圍刺激整個身體,包括陰蒂。讓自己去一個即興演奏與這個小傢伙,你會喜歡它的藝術觸覺和節奏感。修長,緊湊迷你震棒MiniJAM是即興的高手。獨奏或對唱,或溫柔強大 – 它總是準備採取行動,並加入你的幻想。




 尺寸: 12.7cm x 2.9cm; 重量: 102g
 簡易開關旋轉設計, 輕鬆開關加上強烈的震動怏感, 高潮一觸即發!
 表面獨特造形, 讓激情更加澎湃
 100%醫療級矽膠, 完全防水亦易清洗
 超靜音(低於50分貝), 完全只屬於妳的小秘密
 100%完全防水, 盡享水下歡娛
 需使用AA電池X1
 建議使用潤滑液以獲得最佳體驗
 顏色: 藍色
 德國製造
 原廠一年保養

Fun Factory Jam Vibrator


Looking for top quality at budget price? You got it: meet JAM, the artist from the

SlimVIBES family, by FUN FACTORY! Lose yourself in hours of JAM sessions with

this little guy. Let the musician in you enjoy the toy’s waves of intensity and you’ll

forget all your worries while surrendering to the moment. JAM is a battery-operated

Mini Vibrator delivering just what you need. Like its larger counterparts JAZZIE and

JOUPIE, it is made of medical grade silicone, is waterproof and fitted with a powerful

quality motor “Made in Germany.” Used internally, JAM pleasures like a classic rod

vibrator with a flexible and slightly curved tip to locate the G-spot and pleasure the

clitoris. When held in the palm of the hand, it can be used as a lay-on vibe to

stimulate the entire body, including the clitoris. Let yourself go on a JAM session with

this little guy, you’ll enjoy its artistic touch and sense of rhythm.

The slender, compact MiniVIBRATOR JAM is a master of improvisation. Solo or duet,

gentle or powerful – it’s always ready for action and delighted to join your fantasy.

This affordable, battery-operated BasicTOY wins over everyone with its quality,

design and price.


• Slender shape “SlimVIBE“

• Structured silicone sheath for intense stimulation

• Very compact, so when held in palm of the hand, it becomes a lay-on


• Curved tip to find the G-spot

• Simple operation with cap “EASY TWIST“ – ready to go!

• 100 % waterproof

• Best FUN FACTORY quality for those on a budget!

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