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Pjur Original矽性潤滑劑

Pjur Original矽性潤滑劑超長持久的硅樹脂 (Silicone) 潤滑劑配方 ,設計同時適合保濕及滋潤皮膚。pjur 首創配方 就是市場上最好的。 pjur 已發展硅樹脂(Silicone) 及水溶性的個人潤滑劑,為使用者在任何須要的部位提供最好的潤滑。從今以後你只會搜尋有 pjur 商標的貨品,因為你已不會再使用其他牌子。

Pjur Original超級濃縮潤滑劑非常持久保持潤滑,效能價格比其他牌子更好 (相等 6 支其他牌子的潤滑劑)。Pjur Original 首創配方不含黏性及 100% 可安全地使用在安全套上。更是非常好的保濕及滋潤劑。Pjur Original不會阻塞你的毛孔及使用後無須清洗。很多世界各地的按摩師都使用此產品。

Pjur Original是:
 無色無味無臭
 經過嚴格的敏感測試
 不含黏性及不會乾涸
 經過嚴格的皮膚醫學測試及不含防腐劑
 不含染色劑、不含油脂、不含香料
 100% 可用於安全套,可每天使用
優質硅樹脂超級濃縮潤滑劑所使用的原料都通過政府部門的嚴格要求。所有Pjur Original產品都已經在美國 CE-certified。

Pjur Original可與安全套一併使用,但它不是避孕藥,故不含滅精劑。


Pjur Original Super Concentrated Bodyglide Lube

Extra long-lasting lubrication for massage, also designed for personal moisturizing and skin conditioning. Pjur Premium Formulas are simply the best on the market. pjur has developed a silicone and a waterbased personal lubricant designed to provide optimal lubrication where needed. Look for the pjur mark and feel confident that you are getting genuine pjur personal products.

Pjur Original Super Concentrated Bodyglide is longer lasting and much less expensive drop-per- drop than other brands. This formula never becomes sticky and is 100% latex safe. An excellent skin conditioner and moisturizer, Pjur Original does not block your pores and requires no clean-up after use. Used by massage therapist worldwide.

Pjur Original is:
 Taste and odor free
 Allergy-tested
 Never gets sticky or dries out
 Dermatologically confirmed
 Fat-free, oil-free, water-free, fragrance-free
 Non-pore blocking, no preservatives
 Latex safe; safe for daily use

Pjur Original can safely be used with condoms but is not contraceptive and does not contain spermicide.

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