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A立得 TM 這項革命性的發現,是由英國GMP大藥廠與頂尖科學家攜手合作,找到最佳的配搭比例,達至最佳效果,是結合多年於男士機能保健研究集結而成,為市場提供更前膽的科研配方,協助男士增強精力,改善老化,煥醒青春及增強運動表現,運動前30分鐘服用2片,再展雄風!A立得 TM 提煉至純天然草本精華,不含西藥成分,毌須醫生處方,絕無副作用。A立得 TM 為英國政府機構MHRA認可的男士保健食品, 更獲醫藥大學選為研究產品。

A立得 TM 更獲醫藥大學選為研究產品,結果如下:
* 90%試用者服用30分鐘內感到明顯效果
* 100%的試用者在服用期間沒有不適反應
* 95%試用者認為有助第二次的能力表現
* 90%試用者認為延長其運動持續時間
* 90%以上試用者表示對產品表現感到滿意
* 100%試用者認為此產品有助於提升硬度






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Anantra Rapid Supplement for Men

ANANTRA™ is a complete range of Food Supplement products for Men and the Women developed by Aniva International in cooperation with a leading R&D laboratory in Switzerland as a natural alternative to improve Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction respectively.

All plant ingredients used in ANANTRA™ are natural, do not contain chemical additives or genetically modified organisms and have a favorable safety profile supported by long-term traditional use and published clinical studies.

Importantly, a series of scientific publications and clinical trials support the use of ANANTRA™’s herbal ingredients as natural alternatives in the improvement of sexual desire and in the promotion of well-being.

ANANTRA™ formulas are 100% natural. No medical prescription is needed.

ANANTRA™ is manufactured in the UK under strict pharmaceutical-grade

quality control which ensures:

 the product’s high quality and consistency
 absence of unwanted side-effects

About the Supplement:

L-arginine, Tribulus terestris, Lepidium meyenii (maca), Magnesium Oxide, Eurycoma Longifolia (Tongkat Ali), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Zinc, Epimedium brevicornum, Panax Korean Ginseng, Green Tea, Manganese Sulphate and Sodium Selenate


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