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日本Tenga Iroha 震動按摩棒

Iroha 本體外層是採用松軟的, 如同肌膚般柔滑的SOFT TOUCH 新感觸材質, 就好像按摩一樣,更貼近你的生活, 產品設計防水防塵, 能夠直接用水沖洗, 保養簡單. 因為採用了不易積塵的”anti dust coating” 工藝, 讓你隨時在清潔狀態下使用.

Iroha 能夠配合女性的不同喜好, 切換從細膩震動, 強力震動, 到韻律感震動的不同模式, 令你安心, 舒適地使用,為了讓任何人都能簡單使用, Iroha 特別注重簡易操作, 沒有複雜的模式設定等, 只有兩個按鈕, 即使是初次使用者, 都可以輕易感受快感,

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Tenga Iroha Vibro Massagers

Iroha is a new line of vibrators designed by Tenga. Best known for their male masturbatories, Eggs and Cups, Tenga has finally decided to try their hand at the female market with the

introduction of the iroha line of vibrators.

The Yuki is white and shaped roughly like a snowman (or a shmoo). It is intended for more external and internal clitoral stimulation, as the top of it is insertable.

The Midori is green and shaped like a pear. It is intended for external stimulation and is recommended as a vibrator for first time users. 

The Sakura is pink and is ovaloid with a v shape cut out. It reminds me of an oval pacman or a fish head. The v shaped cut out is meant to be used to “embrace” the clitoris, nipples or


About the Product

 Vibrator sex toy for women designed by Tenga using soft touch material

 Powered by a powerful, but near silent motor. Provides a range of vibrations and rhythmic patterns, from gentle to strong. Simple two button control. Water resistant and dust


 Comes with multi-function storage case/charging base. 120 minute charge time. Li-ion battery lasts 90 minutes on full power.



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